Security and Cloud Computing

Organization-wide security has become more important than ever for almost every industry. As new security threats develop and find new ways to take advantage of others’ data, security services such as risk assessment, prevention, and management are essential for any company to retain their industry secrets and customer’s and employee’s trust. AGi closely works with all stakeholders to monitor all system vulnerabilities, determine your security needs, raise security awareness, and implement industry best practices to ensure that the trust you put in us will result others’ trust remains in you.

AGi can help you catch up to the modern day company infrastructure by helping its client transition to a cloud-based platform. Adoption of our cloud portfolio will begin a new phase in our clients’ growth and can be adapted to meet the goals for the next stage of their business. Once integrated, clients will experience the full benefits of improved security, increased flexibility, lower overhead and facility costs, and increased organizational efficiency, which will allow for greater resources to be allocated to improve our clients’ performance.